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Activities & Excursions

Many exciting activities are included with your registration. These may include a walking tour of the town with a visit to the local Church and la Maison du notaire, a musical performance, traditional dance lessons, a gourmet dinner with the Director and staff, a fun phonetics workshop and more!

The following activities and excursions, fully arranged by us, are optional.

Whale watching cruise
Tour of Île aux Basques
Visit to Parc du Bic


Live and Learn the Language

Spend your mornings in the classroom brushing up on your French language skills and your afternoons in workshops or exploring the beautiful Basques region of the Bas-Saint Laurent.

Participate in a walking tour of the town and stroll down the main street lined with colourful brick and wooden houses constructed in the style of old Quebec. Learn to orient yourself at the town's main intersection, marked by the post office, the city hall, and the magnificent stone church whose triple spires serve as a landmark for river traffic. Hike through the breathtaking parc du Bic, take to water by kayak, and go whale watching along the St. Lawrence River.

Spend your evenings absorbing French language and culture through film and music and socializing with fellow students and the community.

What to Bring