The Destination Clic bursary covers the cost of the course, food, and accommodation.

Students will be housed in either single or double occupancy rooms in the student residences at the CEGEP in Rimouski. Each student will be provided with a single bed (bed linens and a pillow are provided), a work station, and a closet. Telephone and Wi-Fi are also included.


Girls and boys will be accommodated on separate floors and a Western University staff member will occupy a room on each floor. CEGEP security guards regularly patrol the residence building.

Healthy, balanced meals will be offered at the school cafeteria.  If you have any food allergies or other dietary restrictions, please include this information at the time of registration (and send us with a medical note prior to your arrival) so that special arrangements can be made with the cafeteria.




CEGEP Residences

320, rue Saint-Louis,
Rimouski QC  G5L 5R5

Please note that accommodation before Sunday, June 30 and after Friday, July 19 cannot be guaranteed. Additional charges will apply if you arrive earlier or stay later.