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Sociocultural Activities

Socio-cultural Activities

Rich in heritage and culture, Quebec is a vital and thriving part of the French-speaking world. In Trois-Pistoles, you can enjoy Quebecois music, theatre and art. Living with local residents, you become a member of the community and experience first-hand what makes Quebec society unique.

The French Immersion School in Trois-Pistoles offers an extensive and varied program of social and cultural events and activities throughout both sessions. Special interest clubs enable you to meet, exchange ideas, and participate in activities appropriate to your particular level of French.

Concerts, plays, and dances performed by professional and amateur francophone groups reveal the richness of the culture. French films are featured regularly. Student talent shows, poetry readings, folklore evenings, and excursions provide you with an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with the francophone lifestyle and the citizens of Trois-Pistoles. Be sure to bring your musical instruments to share in the fun.

Many features of the region encourage outdoor activities during the summer months, including bicycle trips, swimming, kayaking, and hiking excursions. Facilities for badminton, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, ping-pong, and indoor swimming are also available.

A favourite attraction of the region is Île aux Basques, 3km from the Trois-Pistoles shore. Basques whalers who landed there during the 14th and 15th centuries gave their name to the island. Today, it serves as an uninhabited bird sanctuary with over 80 species of birds documented.

Sociocultural activities offer experiences relevant to the culture/language learning process of the School and form an integral part of the immersion program. You are expected to participate in these activities on a regular basis. You will be told which activities are mandatory as the session unfolds.

Other sociocultural activities are optional in that they are made available as valuable supplements to the regular program. Depending on your interests, there may be additional fees up to $500.00 for these optional activities which may include whale-watching, a weekend trip to Quebec City and a hiking trip to Mont Albert.