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How to apply to a French Immersion Course

All applicants are required to complete a brief questionnaire describing previous French language studies (if any), any accommodation requirements and anticipated travel arrangements.  This will help place you in an appropriate level course as well as with a suitable local family. Please have the following information on hand when applying: 

1. Placement test results and the course number, if applicable

2. Health insurance information

3. Travel information, if known

For the three and five week sessions, there is a non-refundable application fee of $275 CAD which will be added to your selection. Please ensure you are applying to the appropriate program stream and time frame.

If you are interested in obtaining a Western University credit and are not  a recipient of an Explore Bursary, please apply to the Five Week University French Credit Course.

If you just want the French immersion experience without credit, please apply to the Five Week French Immersion Experience.  Please note, once you have selected non-credit and paid you cannot change your status to credit. 

If you have received an Explore Bursary, please apply to the Explore Bursary Program, selecting the session for which you have been awarded the bursary.

If you have received a Destination Clic Bursary, please apply to the Destination Clic Bursary Program

For all other programming, please visit the course page for registration details.