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French Immersion Courses

This experience of a lifetime offers complete immersion in the French-speaking community of lovely Trois-Pistoles, Quebec.  You will not only discover French, but live the language and the culture.  Accommodation and meals are provided by specially selected local families.  Prior attendance at a university is not a requirement and courses are available at all levels (beginner to advanced).

Degree Credit Courses

During our Five Week University French Credit Courses offered in the spring and summer, the French Immersion School offers French language courses at all levels from Western University's degree-credit curriculum, including oral French and, from time to time, special topics. These courses are taken for credit with a final grade appearing on your official Western University transcript. There are also options for pursuing a 0.5 credit course over the course of three weeks if a longer program is not possible.

For students from other universities, it is your responsibility to obtain special permission from your home institution to be granted credit for the Trois-Pistoles course and to request the transfer of official transcripts from Western University to your home institution.

Explore Bursaries are available to eligible Canadian students as well as work opportunities for qualified participants through the Languages at Work program.

The French Teachers' Program (0.5 credit) is geared towards participants interested in learning the principles of the neurolinguistic approach to second language acquisition. This two week course from Western University will provide a theoretical overview of the neurolinguistic approach as well as how to apply the new FSL curriculum in the classroom.

Non-Credit Courses

You can opt to enroll in our five week course on a non-credit basis.  The course content in the Five Week French Immersion Experience program is the same as the credit course and you are still required to complete all assignments and write the final exam. The differences are that Western University does not keep an official record of your attendance or your final grade (no official transcript) and your fees are paid to Western Continuing Studies.

Our other non-credit courses include a Preparatory Week for beginner and intermediate level students enrolling in the following five week course, an Adult French Immersion program (one week or 10-day options), and a Family French Immersion Week.

French First Language Programming

Destination Clic is a three week enrichment bursary program for francophone students at our campus in Rimouski, Quebec.


It was a fantastic experience filled with great friends and memories. Immersing yourself in the Quebecois culture is unforgettable and the locals help in this experience by being friendly, outgoing and always willing to chat. This small town is a perfect place to learn and practice French and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their French.

Matthew McLeod, University of Toronto

My time at Trois-Pistoles was a life changer. Learning French in this magical town in Quebec was very empowering and life affirming. Merci!

Michelle Shephard, University of Winnipeg