Family Week

Come and study French 'en famille' in the friendly and safe town of Trois-Pistoles

The French Immersion School in Trois-Pistoles offers you an experience of a lifetime in a complete immersion environment where you will learn French while living the language and the culture of Quebec.

During this week-long program, parents will learn to speak French more easily and with greater confidence while the children will be immersed in a francophone milieu with planned daily activities and outings. Everyone will benefit from this French immersion adventure.

The Family Week program welcomes adult participants at the beginner to advanced levels of French proficiency and children aged 6 to 12, enrolled in French immersion programming.

What does a typical day look like in Trois-Pistoles?

The French Immersion School provides a variety of activities that allow participants to improve their French skills from morning to night!  Aside from the activities listed below, participants will also have the chance to speak French at home with their host family.


Adult participants will be placed in a small class with students who are at the same level.  These classes will focus on language skills and vocabulary-building for everyday communication.  

The children will have the opportunity to improve their French skills during the morning classroom activities at the school. 



Afternoon activities for the parents will feature conversation groups, pronunciation classes, cultural outings and additional class time.  

The children will have the chance to practice their French skills through music, art, sports and games. Some afternoon activities will be organized in partnership with the local day camp, allowing interaction with local children of the same age. 




Evenings are for social and cultural activities for the whole family, whicy may include: 

  • Quebecois dancing
  • Francophone cinema
  • Musical performances

Families will live with local residents and become part of an extended francophone family. The homestay will allow you and your children to experience Quebecois cuisine while improving your language skills through conversation.


Program Details


Admission Requirements

We welcome adult learners (18+) from all skill levels, beginner to advanced. Please complete the online placement test. Children should be 6-12 years old and enrolled in French Immersion programming.

Program Cost

Program cost includes:

  • Course fee
  • Activity fee
  • Homestay & meals

Fees can be paid all at once at the time of registration, or you may submit a deposit. The remaining amount will be due one month before the program begins.