Online Prep Course

Get Ready for Trois-Pistoles

The French Immersion experience in Trois-Pistoles is a unique way to improve your French skills and learn more about Quebecois culture. You can get a head start on your immersion experience by participating in our online preparatory course. 

The prep course content is designed for beginner and intermediate level participants.

What to Expect

In this self-directed online course, you will complete a number of modules that include both linguistic and cultural components. These modules will help you familiarize yourself with the Bas-Saint-Laurent region as well as the Quebecois expressions you will hear and use while in Trois-Pistoles. 

The course is available completely online so you can work at your own pace and review learning materials at any time. You will have the chance to learn or refresh basic language skills and build your confidence communicating through listening and speaking activities.

Interactive quizzes will help you appreciate all that you have learned as well as what you may need to review before your arrival in Trois-Pistoles.

Topics include:

  • Language for daily interactions;
  • Pronunciation;
  • Quebecois culture.

Take a look at the course outline to get an idea of what to expect from the course. On completing the Online Preparatory Course, you will be ready to start the French Immersion program with confidence!

Admission Requirements

  • Registered in the One Week, Two Week or Family French Immersion Program
  • Beginner to intermediate knowledge of French (placement test score below 68%)

Online Prep Course



Access to course

April 1 - August 31