Arrival and Departure

Participants should plan to arrive in the afternoon or evening on the Sunday before the session starts and depart before noon on the final Saturday of the session.

Getting to Trois-Pistoles

Located approximately 230km east of Quebec City, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, Trois-Pistoles can be reached by car, airport shuttle bus, Orleans Express Bus, or VIA Rail (limited service only).



We offer a shuttle bus service from Jean Lesage International Airport in Quebec City to Trois-Pistoles. A return ticket for the shuttle bus ($100) can be purchased at the time of registration, or at a later date through your myWCS account. Select “Documents and Requests”, then “Register Now” next to Airport Shuttle.

Arrival Bus: Sunday before the program starts (May 7 & July 2)

Bus #1 : Leaves Airport @ 2:00pm 

Bus #2 : Leaves Airport @ 7:30pm

Departure Bus: Saturday after the program ends (June 10 & August 5)

Arrives to Quebec City Airport @ 12:00pm



Orleans Express Bus – from Montreal or points east  

Please buy your ticket in advance. We will meet you at the bus stop in Trois-Pistoles if you advise us of your date and time of arrival. 



Driving directions from Jean Lesage International Airport (Quebec City) to the Trois-Pistoles French Immersion School, 455 Rue Jenkin, Trois-Pistoles, QC, Canada



VIA Rail   ** limited service only **

If you take the train you will be arriving in the early hours of Monday morning (between 2:00am and 4:00am). It is important to note that train service to Trois-Pistoles typically runs late and that the train station is no longer open to the public. For these reasons, we recommend avoiding train travel, if possible.  

Please note: Accommodation with your host family prior to the first Sunday and after the last Friday night cannot be guaranteed. Additional charges of $50/day will apply.