University Credit Course

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French immersion and the town of Trois-Pistoles are made for each other. At the French Immersion School, we emphasize an integrated approach to learning. All elements of the program - the courses, the workshops, the homestay and the social and cultural activities - reinforce one another and maximize opportunities for you to hear and speak French and to enrich your cultural experience. 

  • Earn a university credit in French from Western University
  • Improve your vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Practice your speaking skills with other students at the same level of French
  • Explore and enjoy the culture of Quebec
  • Make lasting memories while experiencing something totally unique


Course Offerings

Take one full course or two half courses to earn a full-year (75 hours) university credit in French. Please complete the online placement test and select an appropriate level course at the time of registration.

We will use your placement test score, as well as your most recent French studies, to review your course selection. If a change in course is recommended, we will contact you to discuss further. Course changes can be made up until the add/drop date. 

French Course

Placement Test Score

French 1002 - Intensive French* Antirequisite to French 1004


French 1010 - Intermediate French


French 1003A/1011B - Intensive & Intermediate French, Accelerated


French 1102A/1103B - Oral French I and II


French 1910 - University French (Level 1)


French 2102A/2104B - Oral French III and IV


French 2905A/2906B - Language and Reading & Language and Expression


French 3102A/3104B - Oral French V and VI

78% +

French 3905A/3906B - Reading Texts & Speaking Texts 


French 4900A/4903B - Language (Advanced Level IV)






Credit Transfer

After successful completion of the program, and once your final grade is posted, you may order an official transcript from Western University. 

Western Students, including affiliate colleges

Upon successful completion of the Explore Program, you will have earned a full-year French credit from Western.  The French course, as well as your final grade, will automatically appear on your student record at Western.

You may participate in Explore at other accredited universities for transfer credits provided the Faculty in which you are currently registered approves such courses in advance. The approval is subject to individual Faculty/Department regulations and is granted in the form of a Letter of Permission issued by the Registrar’s Office. 

Visiting Students

Upon successful completion of the Explore Program in Trois-Pistoles, you will have earned a full-year French credit from Western University.  The French course, as well as your final grade, will automatically appear on your student record at Western. If you would like to transfer the credit to your home institution, please contact the Registrar's Office and/or academic counselling office at your school for more information about the transfer credit process.