The French Immersion School in Trois-Pistoles offers a unique experience in placing you with a specially chosen Quebecois family for room and board for the entire session.  For over 85 years, families in Trois-Pistoles have welcomed students into their homes to offer first-hand experience of Quebecois culture and the French language.  The homestay component of our program provides you with an opportunity to broaden and develop your language skills in an informal, homelike setting.

Community Connection

All of our host families are part of a local community organization, CAFEL, that partners with the university to offer quality accommodations. In Trois-Pistoles, you will have the support of our homestay coordinator to ensure a comfortable stay. Please note that 'host family' may mean a couple with or without children, or a single person with or without children. During your stay, the host families will provide well-balanced meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - which will allow you to experience Quebecois cuisine while improving your language skills through conversation.

100% French Immersion

The hosts will encourage the exclusive use of French in the home.


      Homestay Guidelines

Our community partner in Trois-Pistoles, The Centre d’accueil et de formation en langues (CAFEL), is pleased to assist you during your homestay experience. By providing a few guidelines to both students and host families, we can ensure that all participants have a rewarding experience in the homestay setting.

Download the Homestay Guidelines.


      Packing Checklist

The following is a list of items to bring with you to Trois-Pistoles.

  • A dictionary, verb conjugator book (Bescherelle), notebook, pens and pencils. WIFI is available at the school for laptops and mobile devices.
  • Photo identification and health card and/or health insurance card, insurance number and plan details. Please note: provincial health cards will be honoured in Trois-Pistoles.
  • Spending money (about $300-$500) for optional trips and activities.
  • Personal toiletries and any medication that you regularly require.
  • A cell phone or a phone card that will work in Quebec.
  • A swimsuit and beach towel. Your host family will provide bed linens and towels.
  • Musical instruments, if you play and it is convenient to pack.
  • Sports equipment (tennis and badminton raquets, baseball equipment, etc.)
  • Gym clothes and a pair of gym shoes with non-marking soles.
  • Warm clothing and rain gear appropriate to maritime climate. The weather is often variable and can be cool.
  • Change for the laundromat (quarters).
  • Hiking boots or good walking shoes for the various excursions.
  • You may rent a bicycle from your host family or from the local bike shop. A helmet and reflective clothing are strongly recommended.

Download the Packing Checklist.


      Student Homestay Testimonials

The small town of Trois-Pistoles offers a unique French immersion language experience where the “real” learning begins beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom.  The instructors, monitors and host families have made it more than possible for me to realize my French language learning goals whilst cultivating an appreciation for the Quebecois culture!
        - Petrina, Hamilton, ON

My first week here, I was unable to even say one complete sentence in French.  And now after 5 weeks, I feel completely at home in a fully Québécois environment.  I have learned things from my host family that I would have never learned if I were solely in a classroom. 
        - Sally, Edmonton, AB

I already feel like I’ve lived here forever and I believe that my French has greatly improved.  My host family is fantastic; I’ve come to think of my house as a second home, I feel so welcome. 
        - Corin, Waterloo, ON

In living with a francophone family that truly opened their hearts to me and other students, I have learned to communicate in French. Living and studying in Trois-Pistoles has changed the way I think in French. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Merci.
        - Valeria, Ottawa, ON