French Immersion for Teachers


Immerse yourself in Quebecois culture at Western’s renowned French immersion school in Trois-Pistoles.

Discover the intricacies of the revised curriculum for French as a second language teaching in Ontario and other provinces. Learn the principles of the neurolinguistic approach to second language acquisition, and understand how to apply those principles to your French as a second language teaching career in either core or French immersion.

Topics include:

  • L’approche actionnelle
  • Various teaching methodologies
  • Classroom activities
  • The Common European Framework of Reference

Whether you are a recent graduate or have been teaching French for a number of years, this program, held in a 100% francophone environment at one of the most renowned French immersion schools, is a great way to expand and enhance your skills and professional development. Successful participants will receive a certificate in teaching Intensive French.

Program Testimonial
What a great experience! Cutting edge pedagogy and a full cultural experience make these two weeks a must for every FSL teacher. - Antonia Cetin, French Immersion teacher