Experiential Learning Practicum


A unique practicum experience for education students combining teaching in a French-language classroom at either primary or secondary schools and volunteer work in the community.

This program, offered year-round, is an experiential learning practicum in French language teaching. It is offered to education students interested in teaching French Immersion, Intensive French or Core French in elementary and secondary schools.

Experience the language and the culture

Students will improve their French language skills and gain confidence in using French with their students, develop their teaching skills and acquire a deeper knowledge of Quebecois culture through various sociocultural activities.  Accommodation and meals are provided by local host families.

View our preliminary practicum schedule for an idea of what students can expect during the program.

Learning in the classroom and the community

The length of this practicum is flexible and can be adapted to the education program.


Week One: Classroom Practicum

Week Two: Volunteer in the community

Weeks One & Two: Classroom Practicum

Weeks Three & Four: Volunteer in the community

Our first experiential learning cohort in Trois-Pistoles!

Learn more about their experience

Faculty of Education Practicum Coordinators:
Please contact our office for further details or to arrange an experiential learning practicum for your teacher candidates.  The program is offered year-round and can be customized to the program requirements at your institution. Participants must have a high-intermediate to advanced level of proficiency in the French language.