Live the language and culture of Quebec

Established in 1932, Western University's French Immersion School offers you an experience of a lifetime: a complete immersion environment, so that you not only learn French, but live the language and the culture of Quebec.

In Trois-Pistoles, French is the language of everyday life: on the streets, in shops, restaurants, and homes. The whole town is your campus – a living language laboratory.

We invite participants from all over Canada, the United States, and other parts of the world, to improve their French skills and to learn more about Quebecois culture while achieving a personal or professional goal. 

Registration for the 2023 season is now closed. 
Program details for 2024 will be available in late fall. We hope to see you in Trois-Pistoles next summer!


Credit Programs

University Credit Programs

Our University Credit Programs allow you to learn French while earning a French credit from Western University. Current postsecondary students may be eligible for funding via the Explore Program.

French Teachers' Program 

Our French Teachers' Program is focused on the principles of the neurolinguistic approach to second language acquisition and the application of these principles in the FSL classroom.


Non-Credit Programs

French Immersion for Adults

Practice your speaking skills, increase your French vocabulary, and make lasting memories while exploring the culture of Quebec.

Online French Essentials Certificate

Our online French Essentials Program offers a variety of self-guided activities to help you learn French and experience Quebecois culture from the comfort of your own home. Each course gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, with optional interactive sessions to practice what you've learned. 

The Homestay Experience

As part of the immersion experience, you will be placed with a specially chosen Quebecois family for room and board for the entire session. The homestay placement gives you the opportunity to learn outside the classroom and experience first-hand the culture and language of your host family.  

Êtes-vous résident de Trois-Pistoles? Devenez famille hôtesse!

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