Certificate in French Essentials


Acquire essential French language skills as you make your way virtually through the Bas-Saint-Laurent region of Quebec!

Our online programming features our partner town of Trois-Pistoles and offers a variety of activities and tasks for students learning French and looking to simultaneously experience the Quebecois culture.

The certificate path begins with Everyday French, which includes course content designed for beginner and intermediate level participants (placement test score below 57%). Before registering, take our online placement test to see if this course is suited to your current abilities.  



What to Expect

Start any time after each course opens. These three Online: Paced courses will cover everyday vocabulary and activities to help you master the basics or brush up on your existing skills. Start anytime and study as much or as little as you want from week to week, completing the coursework at your own pace.

As you progress in your French language learning journey, you will increase your knowledge of the language while engaging in new and more sophisticated contexts.

Interactive quizzes, self-assessment tasks, and projects will help you appreciate all that you have learned as well as what you may need to review before your next adventure in French. 

Practice speaking as you move through the course

Live virtual sessions, facilitated by an instructor, will be offered for students who are looking to practice their French listening and speaking skills with their classmates.

Topics include:

  • Language for daily interactions;
  • Pronunciation;
  • Quebecois culture.

Admission Requirements

  • OPEN, apply online and receive immediate approval
  • Designed for beginner and low-intermediate learners
  • Complete all three online courses to earn the certificate

Earn a Western Digital Badge 

Recognizing your learning achievement when you complete this micro-credential


Financial Assistance

The courses in the French Essentials certificate program are eligible for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) micro-credential funding. Find out if you are eligible.


Certificate in French Essentials


Full Program $360.00

Use discount code FORFAIT when you register for all three courses. Price adjusted at checkout.

Access to course

Start any time after the course opens