French Forward

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Discover your next Québécois Quest!

This course takes learners beyond the basic situations encountered in Everyday French and French for Tomorrow. 

Move forward in your language learning journey with new and expanded topics and more sophisticated ways of communicating in French. Whether your French language learning goals stem from personal interests or professional requirements, French Forward paves the way for meeting your objectives.

You will increase your knowledge of French through a hands-on approach  and gain independence and confidence as you progress through the various topics. You will tackle negotiating your way in unexpected situations and you will learn how to express your opinion. Francophone media and workplace situations will springboard your learning.

Improve your French pronunciation with the help of short videos and other visual aids. Specific issues encountered when learning Quebecois French will be featured.

Complete Everyday French, French for Tomorrow, and French Forward to earn our Certificate in French Essentials!




What to Expect

Start any time after the course opens. Take the opportunity to engage with an instructor who will be available for optional virtual office hours throughout the course. You will be able to submit questions prior to each session and interact with the instructor and other Francophiles.

Depending on your level of experiences with French, you can expect to take 20 hours to complete the course.

Practice speaking as you move through the course

Live virtual sessions, facilitated by an instructor, will be offered for students who are looking to practice their French listening and speaking skills with their classmates.

Topics include:

  • Interactions when things don't go according to plan (trip cancellations, exchanges/refunds, complaints);
  • French in the workplace: roles, daily tasks and communication with colleagues;
  • Francophone media (cinema, television, radio) and the Canadian context

Admission Requirements

  • Beginner to Intermediate knowledge of French (placement test score below 68%)
  • Advanced participants looking to brush up on their skills are welcome to enroll as well

Financial Assistance

This course is eligible for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) micro-credential funding. Find out if you are eligible.


French Forward




Access to course

Start any time after the course opens