What to Expect

Sunset in Trois Pistoles

Speak French at all times

You have made a commitment to yourself to learn French or improve your French while learning about Quebecois life and culture. Learning or improving a second language is not easy. It requires hard and steady work, but the results are well worthwhile. Research has shown that the most successful learning occurs when you use the language as much as possible as a medium of communication. For this to occur as naturally and successfully as possible, the School requires that students commit to speak French at all times.

Making the effort to speak French for the duration of the program will improve not only your language skills, but those of your fellow students. By honouring your commitment to speaking French at all times, you will help foster an environment conducive to learning French.

L'École d'immersion française de Trois-Pistoles provides an extremely rich, high quality and well-organized program, combining academic and sociocultural, formal and informal exposure to Quebecois and French language and culture. You may find your time at Trois-Pistoles demanding but the rewards will be many, and it will be an experience you will long remember and cherish.

What to bring with you

We have put together a packing checklist for students attending our programs in Trois-Pistoles.